Insulation Maintenance Team

Industrial Insulation

AIM possesses extensive experience in installing insulation on all industrial mechanical and process systems.There is little to no limitation on our capabilities when it comes to industrial insulation solutions, some examples of the industrial facilities we can cater for include:
• Metal Cladding
• Power plants – coal fired and gas
• Refineries
• Manufacturing buildings
• Storage buildings
• Chemical plants
• Oxygen Plants
• Food processing plants
• Waste water and water treatment plants
• Petrochemical
• Auto manufacturing
• Plastics manufacturing

Examples of industrial systems that require insulation include any that carries or stores liquid, gas, air, or product in which the temperature of the substance being transferred or stored is impacted by the temperature of the ambient air. We insulate these mechanical systems to maintain process temperature for both hot and cold systems; to protect fluids from freezing; to provide burn protection for personnel from possible exposure to hot systems; and for sound attenuation.

Piping and duct need to be protected from both external variables and from energy loss as the result of every day use and transference.

Insulation installed correctly also protects the substrate from corrosion.

Industrial Project Highlights


Clients: M&W Group Chevron
Location: Wheatstone LNG Project. Onslow WA
Duration: 5 Months
Cost: $1,300,000
Peak Manpower: 8
Hours: 6,500
LTI’s: 0

Project Overview
New LNG Production Facility for Chevron in Onslow Western Australia.

Scope of Work 
Insulation and Cladding to Air Conditioning systems on twelve buildings including Control Room.

Pipe Insulation
Induction Fan

Arrium OneSteel RHF2 Upgrade

Steam piping insulation
Process Pipework

Client: McMahon Services
Location: Arrium Steel. Whyalla. SA
Duration: 2 months
Cost: $200,000
Peak Manpower: 10
Hours: 2,000
LTI’s: 0

Project Overview
Upgrade of Furnace associated Piping.

Scope of Work 
Installation of Free issue materials including Insulation and overseas manufactured Cladding. Rework and modification of Cladding which did not fit or was not fit for purpose.

Dalby Bioethanol Plant

Client: Leighton Contractors
Location: Dalby Queensland
Duration: 9 months
Cost: $2,000,000.00
Peak Manpower: 20
Hours: 12,500
LTI’s: 0

Project Overview
Construction of a Bio-Ethanol production facility using Plant seeds to produce gas.

Scope of Work
Insulation and Cladding of Process Pipework, Vessels and associated Equipment.

Industrial Plant insulation
Process Vessel & Pipework

Biodiesel Production Plant

Storage Tank Insulation
Biodiesel Storage Tank

Clients: Leighton Contractors
Australian Renewable Fuels
Location: Port Adelaide SA/ Picton WA
Duration: 1 Year
Cost: $2,000,000
Peak Manpower: 20
Hours: 12,000

Project Overview
Australian Renewable Fuels constructed two facilities to convert Fats into Bio Diesel, one facility in Port Adelaide South Australia and one facility in Picton Western Australia. Each plant was identical. AIM was contracted by Leighton Contracting to perform Insulation and Cladding works on both facilities.

Scope of Work
Insulation and Cladding of Process Pipe work, Vessels and Equipment.

Nyrstar Port Pirie – South Australia

Client: Nyrstar
Location: Port Pirie South Australia
Duration: 2 Years
Cost: $8,700,000
Peak Manpower: 40
Hours: 40,000
LTI’s: 0

Project Overview
Port Pirie has experienced high Lead Levels in the air in and around Port Pirie for many years. This has been transmitted to having high Lead Levels in the local and surrounding community.
Nyrstar committed to spending vast amounts of money in an attempt to reducing Lead levels by purchasing the very latest equipment with new technology.
The result being the purchase of a state-of-the-art boiler, furnace, dust stripping equipment and building a new Acid Plant.

Scope of Work
Insulation and Cladding of TSL, Coal Stripping, Hot Gas Duct, Hot Gas Fan, ESP, ECT and Acid Plant.

Steam piping insulation
Acid Plant
Steam piping insulation
Hot Gas Fan

Visy- NSW

Scaffolded Vessel Completed Vessel

Client: Visy
Location: Tumut NSW
Duration: 5 Months
Cost: $4,700,000
Peak Manpower: 54
Hours: 30,000
LTI’s: 0

Project Overview
The client installed a new Paper manufacturing production facility in Parallel to the existing facility. The project was delivered as a “Brown Fields Project” thus co-operation and co-ordination between the existing and new facility was handled dailyto prevent any impact on the running of the existing facility.

Scope of Work
The Scope of work required insulation and cladding of multiple Vessels and Equipment together with over three kilometres of Process Piping and the installation of all scaffolding required. AIM subcontracted the scaffold works but still had full control and management.
The project required AIM to set up and on-site workshop where 100% of the cladding required was manufactured.

Whyalla Shutdown (pelletising plant)

Client: Port Adelaide Construction 
Location: Whyalla, South Australia
Duration: 4 x weeks
Cost: $630,000
LTI’s: 0

Project Overview
Insulation and cladding of large 2m diameterduct with complicated change of direction bends together with square to round transitions.

Scope of Work
IAIM was contracted to manufacture Colourbond cladding and install 100mm thick high temperature rockwool insulation.
All duct was pinned by AIM to Australian Standards.

Thermal Insulation
Whyalla Shutdown
Insulation Maintenance
Whyalla Shutdown